Falling Back Forward Again

As you may have noticed, my website looks like it’s been changed. Adjusted. Almost different-like. This isn’t just another one of your episodes, I actually did change things around. Hopefully the new website will be clean and easy to use… because I had to do something, and relatively quickly.

See, here’s what happened. A couple weeks ago, I went to put in a new blog post, and realized that I couldn’t get in to my site. To my own site! My own raised-from-a-pup, fruit-of-my-mighty-loins website! It was, and remains, an inconceivable travesty of adjective proportions. So I went through the arduous and mind-numbing task of manually (yes… copy and paste… for everything) transferring my site over to a new system. I happen to like the new system better anyway, and had been meaning to give it an overhaul, but there’s nothing like having borked technology force your hand on it.

So please look around and let me know if you find anything broken or otherwise amiss. I’m sure I’ll be finding little things very soon, but many eyes will help to find them sooner. Enjoy your stay, but wipe your feet before exploring further.