Waking Up Lost

Hey there, Internet Strangers:

Rip Van Winkle here, waking up from a long blog siesta. My alarm was set for the season finale of Lost (It’s kind of like a sporting event, you really only need to catch the last quarter). And let me tell you, I’m ready. I had a fresh Dharma shipment land outside my door this morning, so rations are go. Here are a couple of cold ones the polar bears have been keeping chilled for me:

Hopefully tonight the show will solve the big question that’s on everyone’s mind: was Vincent able to time travel back to the hatch and stop Hurley from blowing up Charlie on the submarine before Claire’s baby caused Flight 815 to crash and muss up Sayid’s hair? I have a feeling the answer is a string of numbers.

Assuming the final episode doesn’t cause an irreparable hole in the fabric of space-time something-or-other, I will more than likely post again on here soon. Until then – and channeling Sawyer – “bottoms up, Kemosabe.”