Commodal Joy

You never know what you’ll learn while reading a computer book. Sometimes it’s actually stuff about computers, but every now and then a much more important tidbit of truth will catch your eye.

So whilst learning about the internets just now, imagine my shock, joy, amazement and embarrassment to learn that toilets have birthdays. That’s right, if you lift the lid to your commode there should be a “date of birth” stamped on the underside of that lid. That is a joyous day for any piece of porcelain, and should be celebrated accordingly.

My downstairs toilet was “hecho en Mexico” on the 22nd of Enero (January), 2005. Since I have neglected to properly celebrate the date these past few years, I would like to remedy that now with a special ¡Feliz cumpleaños! to my downstairs johnny. Thanks for putting up with all my crap.