Extreme Gardening

Even though gardening has seen a healthy spike in interest this year (all things “recession” are tres chic at the moment), it still seems to suffer from a lack of cool with the kiddos. And since it’s important to me to reach this demographic, I wanted to do my part to make gardening a bit more “hip” and “with it.”

First off, these are some of my fledgling tomatoes. And nothing is more inherently “bodacious” and “radical” than growing your own tomatoes. Yes, right now they are still green, but soon they will be bursting with ridiculously bright color. Like mad, stupid, crazy color! Mostly red!

These are my herbs. Now, I know that many of the youngsters think of something else when they hear the word herb. And I don’t want to confuse them, so let’s all pretend that’s what I’m talking about as well. Granted, my herb patch is thriving outside – in a non-hydroponic environment – but I think that makes it way more “fresh.” “Dope.”

And here, of course, is one of my peppers. Peppers are so hot right now…