Take A Shot Of History

When it comes to drinking – especially in the South – it’s generally best to have a really good occasion on which to drink. Because no one in the South would just sit around and drink for no reason, that’s just silly talk by silly people (in their serious suits). No, you need something special to help commemorate the occasion. Perhaps some fancy glasses would help…

Yes, that should do nicely. Because nothing helps the sweet, sweet flavor of booze go down more smoothly than multiple reminders of the bloodiest war in our nation’s history.

Maybe you’ve been saving up for a classy way to celebrate America’s infamous battle for slaveholder rights? Well, you’re in luck, because you can now be the proud master of all eighteen of these fine shot glasses! Or let’s say that you just connect with the Confederacy’s duplicitous attitude of wanting to secede from the United States, while their own Confederate constitution forbid the very same act? That’s too much brain thinking, Einstein! Probably best to solve that dilemma with some urban bourbon, or frisky whiskey! Or perhaps you’re drinking in an attempt to forget about the South’s failed ploy to try to annex Cuba for a slave state? If there’s not a shot glass accented in gold for that one, then you can bet some angry fans will let them hear about it!

The Civil War might be long over, but you can have a re-enactment of a good time whenever you pull these bad boys off their custom decorative shelf. And don’t you pay no mind to those who say that remembering and celebrating are two different things, because they obviously don’t know how to party!