Our New Year, My New List

Yes indeed, it’s time for my bi-annual blog post. My first new year’s resolution is to stop apologizing for not keeping up with my blog. Personal blogs are not a contest, and neither are they a responsibility, so I haven’t lost anything or let anyone down when I don’t post. In fact, hopefully silence here means that I’m off doing other things. Away from a computer even! (Probably not, but we’ll keep that dream alive.)

Actually, that might be the only new year’s resolution I make. In general, I’ve always liked the idea of kicking off the year with a clean slate of priorities and ideals, but I also find it very impractical. When your resolutions include vague, unquantifiable words such as “more”, “less”, “better”, “healthier” and “sexier” (all of which are terms I would normally use in regards to my blog posts), it’s no wonder that people just as quickly stop their goals as they start them. Am I doing “more” and “better”? “More” and “better” than what? What I think I should be doing… what I did last year at this time… what these directions are telling me to do?

Instead, I would like to make a to-do list for the year. Clear, measurable things, that I will know have been accomplished the second it happens, and not vaguely, months from now, if ever. So here is my to-do list for this year.


Dave’s Fairly Impressive And Perfectly Measurable List For 2010


  1. Write another book – It’s been quite long enough since I wrote my first and only book. And since that time, I have started, stopped and changed course on a new book more times than I can count. (There’s that word “more” again. How much more? Well, more than before I wrote my first book.) I won’t promise that it will be a good book, or even a “sexier” book, but it will be a book. And it will also have what all great books have: an index. This much I can promise.
  2. I will leave the country – At some point this year, I will not be in the United States. I have a couple of options for how this might work out, but even if I have to go against my general rule of not considering Canada another country, I’ll do it. And I will report back here with photographic proof of my escape.
  3. Make a blog post on May 8th – No particular reason, I just think it’s a generally lovely day that doesn’t always get its due.
  4. Visit all of the state parks within a 60-mile radius of my house – Ok, first I’ll need to figure out how many and which ones make up that list. But there’s no need to not visit the places of interest in my relative backyard.
  5. Have lunch with a brain surgeon or rocket scientist – Since things are never as difficult as rocket science or brain surgery, I just want the chance to talk to one of these people and find out how hard their jobs really are. And if you are a brain surgeon or rocket scientist, and you’d like to have lunch (I’ll buy!), just let me know.
  6. I will eat both red lentils and a pomegranate – Not at the same meal, necessarily, but just at some point. I’ve never had either one (although I’ve had pomegranate juice), so this is the year to hook them up. They’re both healthy, and they both sound like something you would eat if you were actually making an effort toward something. I like that in my food.
  7. Write my congressperson – After all, that’s what they’re there for: to read letters from constituents. I can’t promise that it will be about politics, and in fact it might just be a friendly note to let them know how I’m doing on my list. But it will be polite, to the point, and spell-checked.
  8. Catch up on any of the Top 25 movies in the AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Movies that I have not seen – It’s a little over half of them, so I have some watching to do. (And if you need a reminder on what they are, here is the list. Bonus points if you can guess which ones I’ve already seen.) And it will also be challenging, as I no longer have Netflix. So I may have to watch some of these the old-fashioned way (ie: building a time machine and traveling back in time to when they were in the theater).
  9. Give a complete stranger a birthday present – This one is tricky, because somehow I will either have to (a) find out the birthday of someone before I meet them and have a gift ready for this person, or (b) coincidentally find out that it’s someone’s birthday as I’m meeting them, and then frantically find them a gift. Granted, it’s a challenge, but that’s why I put it on the list.
  10. Three things that are not on this list – This might actually be the first one I finish, but I promise to go above and beyond my commitments here, and complete three bonus items.

Well, there you have it. Plenty of stuff going on this year, that’s for sure. Hopefully this list will keep me on track with some of the things that are really important this year. I’ll try to keep everyone updated as things get checked off.