It's Finally Here

Hey, World. Just wanted to let all of you know that my first book is now available! Again!

For the past several months, I’ve been working in fits and spurts on revisiting the Big Book of Forewords with some much needed editing work, but in the process I just realized that (a) I wasn’t happy with some sections, and (b) I wanted to inject a little new blood into the mix. Put those two things together and they equal my slogging through the trenches of old writing, and then doing some pruning before buckling down and coming up with brand-new forewords for ye lot. That’s right, actual new content! Forewords that weren’t there before! Exclamation! So what should have been a fairly quick assignment turned into actual work, and therefore delays that could be quantified by the term “months”.

But now it’s done, and you can get your own copy even as we speak by CLICKING HERE. Please welcome the all-new Revisionist Edition.

This also marks the first time that it has properly been available in digital form. That was another part of the delay, as I spent some time learning how to code up an eBook from scratch (and then test, and fix, and retest…). But I’m very pleased with the result, and hopefully it will now find its way into a few extra hands that might not have bothered to order a physical copy from a stranger’s website. Right now it’s just on Amazon’s Kindle store, but in the near future I plan on also getting it plugged into the other digital book retailers.

As always, it would be absolutely lovely if you would either check it out or tell a friend whom you think might be interested. And if you leave a nice review on Amazon, I will officially award you bonus points.