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Greetings, Traveler. Welcome to my humble home on this wild tundra we call the internet. My name is David and I’m glad you stopped by. Perhaps we know each other and you wanted to check in to see if I’ve updated my blog recently (I haven’t). If so, thank you for stopping by. Perhaps we’ve never met before and you’re here by mistake, suddenly cold and afraid. There’s nothing to worry about, you’re safe here and welcome to stay as long as you’d like.

If you’re interested in my day job happenings, I have my own web development company called Synthetik Media. If you’re in need of a website, visit me over there (via either the text link in this paragraph, or the banner image below) and get in touch. Would love to chat with you and help make the webs happen. For you.

I also wrote a book some years back, and am constantly threatening to write another one. You can find a link to more information using the banner image below. I’ll warn you up front: it’s silly and disorganized, much like me. So if you continue on and decide to check it out further, well, that’s on you.

But thanks again for stopping by.

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Synthetik Media

Need a website? Visit Synthetik Media

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Big Book of Forewords

Read my book. Do it now.